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A Snippet of Heaven's Hell! Yay!

...Heaven was shocked to see Khalil walk into the principal’s office about 45 minutes after she had called him. She immediately started gathering up her books and fixing herself, making sure that all of her buttons were buttoned on her shirt and her mid drift wasn’t out as she leaned into her book bag. She even had to kneel on the ground instead of bending over or Khalil would start a fight over that too. She immediately missed the attention she used to get from Ricky. Just being able to hang out with a boy and be flirty and speak her mind, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to do that again until she went away to school. Khalil thought that she was going to Kean University right up in Union, but he had another thing coming.
“Mr. Jacy,” Principal Bassett assumed. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” Heaven gave him a look like ‘please just play along’, even though he had every intention to.
She offered him coffee, which he declined and then she motioned for him to sit across from her as she proceeded in her speech.
“I don’t want Heaven to get into any type of trouble at home. She is a wonderful girl.” Heaven smiled lightly, happy the way the speech was going so far.
“We are just suspending her to give time for her and the boy to cool off.” Khalil’s eyes bulged.
“Boy? Baby, a boy was fighting you?” The way he talked to her and called her baby disturbed Principal Bassett but she threw it off as her own paranoia of reminiscing of her own childhood experiences with sexual abuse. Before Heaven could answer, Principal Bassett did.
“Um, well I’m sure it wasn’t anything too serious. From my understanding it could have been some type of lover’s quarrel, Ricky has become rather fond of Heaven lately and from my understanding the two have been spending some time.” Ms. Bassett smiled at Heaven thinking that her red face was of a young girl who gets exposed of a crush in front of her father, not a young girl who was about to get her ass beat by her ‘looking like he should be her daddy’ boyfriend.
“No, no not really,” Heaven protested, but Khalil’s eyes told her that her dispute meant nothing. It was going to be a long night tonight. Ms. Bassett grew uneasy again and wrapped up the conversation out of her own discomfort, not sure of what she should do.
“Well anyway, three days suspension. Today’s Wednesday so Heaven can return to school next Tuesday.” Khalil nodded but remained silent as the two made their way out the office and out of the school. Heaven remembered feeling three things consecutively when she stepped outside the school doors, cool Spring breeze kissing and massaging her pure face, butterflies fluttering and dancing in her stomach from the sight of G leaning against his car looking at her, and a hard slap in the face from Khalil that sent her down to the ground and back into reality.
“No, it’s not true!” She screamed. Before she could say anymore he was all over her, slapping her and hitting her but was yanked up quick by an angry G.
“Mothafucka is you crazy! You in front of a fucking school…you trying to get police over here or something? Don’t be hitting on ya chick all in the fucking streets and shit! Fuck is wrong wit u anyway, she a fucking female, you don’t be hitting on no niggas like that, fuck is you banging on her for, huh?” Khalil calmed down when he saw the fire dancing in G’s eyes. G wanted to say so much more to him but he knew it wasn’t his place, and she wasn’t his chick.
“Just get in the car,” G ordered. Khalil stood there for a moment.
“Now mothafucka!” G screamed. Khalil moved his feet quickly to the car.
G kneeled down and helped Heaven up off the ground. She cried and he urged her to stop. He had no idea that she wasn’t crying out of pain, but more so out of embarrassment. She did not want the next time that she saw him to be like this.
“Thank you,” she whispered lightly. He looked at her with compassion.
“I thought you would be stronger ma. You gotta try to be strong alright?” She opened her mouth but couldn’t speak. She didn’t know how to take what he said. They walked to the car in silence. Heaven was too shaken up to notice how splendid his car was. She just looked out of the backseat window and wondered how she could be stronger for G. I thought you would be stronger ma. Did that mean that he thought about her? The words echoed in her head as she tried to find meaning. The car was silent and there was a triangle of thoughts going on, each person was thinking about someone while another person was thinking about them.
G sat driving keeping his eyes on the road but thinking of how much he wanted to pull the car over and beat the shit out of Khalil, for the way he was beating Heaven. G had seen his mom get smacked up by his step daddy and it used to enrage him. He used to think his mother was the weakest woman in the world until he realized that when somebody controls your mind, they could basically do anything with that power. That was why he always vowed to never let a mothafucka ever control his mind. Khalil was half of a man, and took his frustration of his inadequate life out on Heaven. But G knew it was wrong for him to get involved especially being that Khalil and him still interacted with business, for now anyway. G definitely had plans to change that as well.
As G had his thoughts on Khalil, Khalil had his thoughts on Heaven. All he could picture was some young boy touching her, kissing her, making her feel things that she had never felt with him. Khalil remained content with his sexual performance with Heaven because he knew she had no one to compare him to besides the uncomfortable sexual experiences with her father. He knew when it came to older women they were always left unsatisfied, but with Heaven he was the man, or so he thought. He didn’t care what G said about his manhood, when he got home he was going to beat Heaven until she’d be too scared to even think about another boy.
Khalil thought heavily of Heaven but of course Heaven’s focus was on G. She sat in the backseat behind him and since Khalil kept his head turned looking out of the window, she was able to study his eyes and eyebrows in the rearview mirror. She studied his intensity on the road and she damn near pissed her pants when he looked at her through the mirror. He did a double take wondering if she had been studying him the whole time he was driving. He pulled up to Junior’s Auto as Khalil jumped out of the car.
“I’ll be right back, Imma see if it’s ready.” The second his door slammed, Heaven became light headed. She could smell G’s cologne and it awakened every nerve ending on her body. She put her hand on the lower back of his driver’s seat and ran it slowly up and down as if she were touching him, as if he could feel her. Speak to me.
“So this your last year?” She was flabbergasted, it worked.
“Yeah.” Her voice was sweet to him; to her it was her best impersonation of sexy.
“So what, you 18?”
“No, I’m 17. I’ll be 18 July fourth.” He looked at her through the rearview again and she looked back.
“You’re a baby.” He paused for a minute. “Fourth of July, huh?”
“Yeah, I’m a firecracker.” Heaven’s heart raced the moment she spoke the words. She didn’t know where that came from; she figured she’d heard her mother say it before. He smiled. Yes, I made him smile.
“Firecracker? I can’t tell.” She rolled her eyes figuring he was taking another stab at her for not standing up to Khalil. “I mean, you seem sweet. Reserved.”
She looked up at him again and smiled, as they locked eyes in the rearview once again. That’s when they noticed that the lights on the mirror were on. A door was open. Instinctively they both turned and found Khalil standing next to the open door.
“I said the car’s ready.” Heaven hurriedly grabbed her book bag and purse and made her way over to the passenger side nervous that Khalil had caught her staring. G once again looked at her hoping she would look up for a moment, but this time she didn’t, she just got out of the car and closed the door. Khalil thanked him and apologized, although he had every intention on finishing what he had started when they got home. As G took off, bumping his Lil’ Wayne beats, he reached in the backseat and grabbed his copy of The Awakening of Intelligence. I aint know I left this in here. When was I reading in here? He stopped at a red light and noticed papers hanging out of the book as he opened it. This book belongs to Heaven Jacy. He licked his lips lightly and thought of the irony of them reading the same book at the same time, and the crazy thing was that most girls his age hadn’t even heard of it. He pulled out the papers and saw that it was some type of acceptance letter. Congratulations Heaven Jacy! Harvard University Welcome you to fulfill your major of Chemistry…
A blaring horn broke his concentration and he put the letter back in the book. He beeped back, knowing that he was in the wrong and took off down East Main Street, feeling that Heaven might break the mold; she just might break the fucking mold...

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Takerra Allen's Thicker Than Water Press Release

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That is, until secrets are revealed, temptation is tested, and pride and jealousy play at the core of their relationships. With good times, and bad times, fun times, and sad times, there is only one question left unanswered in the end about their friendship. Can it stand the tests of loyalty, and although it is not quite blood, is it Thicker Than Water?

“ PHE NO ME NAL! … People that love street lit are going to find this book very entertaining… With this street banger, I could NOT put it down!” –Rob Ruiz (CEO Ransom Letter Publishing, Inc.)

Thicker than Water serves up enough sex, solace, murder, and mayhem to satisfy the largest of appetites while revealing a hidden message that focuses around the human evils of envy, vanity, and greed. This is an Urban Fiction must read!

Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen ISBN-978-0615286006
Angelic Script Publishing c/o Heaven Inc. Entertainment
PO Box 5873
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


Excerpt From Thicker Than Water...

A Few Pages from the Street Lit Hit Thicker Than Water By Takerra Allen!

... ..The girls headed for the city bumping the new Beyonce while every group of dudes they passed tried to get them to stop. Kim turned down the music.
"Yo Tatum, stop over there so I can get some bud."
Tatum smiled at her crazy friend, and made a left turn, pulling up to the corner where all the hustlas were out.

"Kim hurry up." Sasha whined, ready to go.
"Sash, shut it up! Anyway, aint that ol' boy?"
"O yeah," chimed Tatum, jokingly, "that is Chauncey, looking all good."
Tatum was just messing with Sasha. Tatum looked in the rearview to catch Sasha's reaction but caught Neli with a crazy look on her face. She seemed nervous and Tatum wanted to know why.Kim hopped out of the car and strutted over to Shoty, the dude that always had the haze. Kim didn't know if they called him Shoty because he smoked so much, or because he was always letting off his gun, or maybe it was because his sexy ass liked to give chicks back shots. Either way Kim was going to find out, he had just copped a new Audi and Kim was trying to get a piece of the pie, and if you didn't know it now ya do, dudes had to pay to lay. Kim's felt as if her pussy was too good to be free.

"Sasha, run in the store please and get me some Big Red." Tatum asked, knowing Sasha was dying for a reason to get out the car and show Chauncey how good she looked. She also wanted to talk to Neli about that screw face look she had on.
"I'll go." Neli blurted out, a little too excited.
"No, I got it." Sasha shot back, noticing Neli's eagerness and catching Tatum's hint. Sasha gave Tatum a smile and stepped out the car slowly showing nothing but legs.
"God damn." "Shit!" That's all you could hear from the group of thugs outside of the bodega. Sasha glanced over at Chauncey who sat with his door opened and one leg out of his 750Li BMW. He was still the most lickable chocolate man she'd ever seen and she still loved him very much. Chauncey spoke on his cell phone with a serious look on his face and glanced up at Sasha as she walked into the store. Sasha didn't catch that glance.She stared around the store, trying to buy time and not really wanting to walk back out alone.
"Can I have two packs of Big Red?" She finally asked, catching the Mexican guy behind the counter staring at her breasts. Just as she turned to walk out she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and there were two ugly, rough-looking drunk guys.
"Get off of me!" Sasha screamed pushing them and trying to get by, but they were all up on her.
"Let me do some things to you ma." One of them said, a little too close for comfort.
"Yo Black, get the fuck off her! Now, mothafucka!"
Sasha immediately recognized that voice. That voice was one that spoke with so much authority, reminding her of her daddy. The men eased up immediately and their smiles faded to innocent looks. They obviously had no clue. Everyone else knew that Sasha was Chauncey's and nobody messed with her. Everyone looked out for her; they knew she was the only woman that he ever loved.
"I can take care of myself." Sasha snapped storming past him.
"It don't look like that to me, and what the fuck you got on anyway, out here on the Ave with Kim, huh?" Chauncey asked, demanding an answer.
"I got on what a single girl going to club to get a nigga would have on." Sasha responded turning on her heels with her hand on her hip and staring him dead in the eye, but on the inside she was shivering.Chauncey paused for a minute and just smiled at her, he knew he still had her.
"Well be good kid, go find that nigga." He smiled, turned to walk away, and got in his car, where some girl was now sitting in his passenger seat. Sasha could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she hurried back to the truck, and remained quiet throughout the entire ride.
When they finally arrived at the club everybody was in a completely different mood. Tatum was relaxed and nonchalant, Kim was high, Neli was amped and ready to meet some dudes, and Sasha was in a zone thinking about Chauncey. They got out of the car and the breeze in the summer's air greeted them, kissing their beautiful faces and introducing them to the city.

The club was packed, and from the moment they flashed their ID's, Kim's fake of course, all the guys, even the ballers, were going crazy trying to get any one of their attention.
"I definitely need some drinks!" Kim screamed over a dirty south track telling all of the females to shake it like a saltshaker. The other three girls headed over by the VIP. Everyone knew the drill, if it was a night like tonight and the VIP was booked, hang out by the VIP until one of the clown ass niggas invited them in there, and then they would totally ignore him and use him for his drinks.
"Tatum, do you know who that was in Chauncey's car?" Sasha asked, speaking for the first time since they entered the club.
"Get over him." was Tatum's blunt answer.
"I am." Sasha lied. "But who was it?"
Tatum just rolled her eyes and took the drink that Kim handed her.

"What's this?" Tatum asked, smelling the concoction.
"Grey Goose and cranberry, courtesy of the lame by the bar with the braids."
The girls all took their drinks, raised them in the air, smiled at the lame, and drank them down.

"Tasha." Neli whispered in Sasha's ear.
"Girl you drunk already? My name is Sasha."
"No. Tasha is Chauncey's new girl." Neli responded.
"Tasha from Eastwick?!" Sasha shouted hurt, upset, and surprised all in one. Then she turned to Tatum."Tatum, Tasha from Eastwick?!"Tatum shot Neli a look that could've killed. She didn't understand why Neli felt it necessary to tell Sasha that.
"What about Tasha?" Kim asked completely gone and already downing her second drink.
"That's Chauncey's new girl. It's only been a week!" Sasha screamed over the loud music, hurt and mad as hell simultaneously.
"That is not Chauncey's girl and Tasha's a fucking slut!" Tatum added, knowing damn well Chauncey would not even play himself by stepping out with a bird like Tasha.
"Tasha's a fucking jump-off!" Kim added as if she wasn't the same.
"Don't worry about her Sash." Tatum reassured her, ending the discussion as she grabbed Sasha's hand and pulled her on the dance floor. Jay-Z's "Excuse Me Miss" was playing and that was Sasha's song. Neli wore a smirk that read 'I'm satisfied'. The girls danced all night and laughed and drank up the bar and danced some more, until their feet were sore and it was time to go.

4:15 a.m.

Everyone started clearing out of the club due to serious overcrowding. All four girls tired and drunk, some more than others, stumbled out of the club laughing at some cornball dude that tried to get a ride home with them. Tatum handed the valet her stub for the truck, and as she glanced around the crowd, she caught eyes with the sexiest man she's ever seen. She quickly looked away seeming uninterested.
Just in that second of a glance though, Tatum had seen it all. He was brown skinned with shoulder length dreads pulled back into a ponytail. He looked Jamaican. He looked important.

"Damn girl, that nigga look like somebody from Shottas!" Kim screamed drunkenly. The other girls looked to see but Tatum knew exactly who she was talking about.
"Kim stop being so damn loud." Tatum demanded in an irate whisper. Kim snapped back with her drunken slur.
"But the nigga look good as hell. If the nigga look good, Imma say he look good, If he look like the nigga from Shottas, Imma say he look like the mothafuckin nigga from Shottas!"
"He looks crazy, like a killer." Neli said dismissing the sexy dread.
"Like a Shotta!" Kim screamed.
"Shut up Kim!" Tatum and Sasha screamed.
"Nah don't worry about it shorty, I get it now and then, ya know." The sexy dread spoke in his deep voice with a slight Jamaican accent.
The girls turned to face him and were speechless. He was the shit! He turned his attention to Tatum.

"Ya know I caught ya eye a second ago and I was wondering if later on I can put something in a tummy?"
The girls sat there with a shocked look.

"That's what the fuck I'm talking about!" Kim said, giving him the fuck me look. "I love a dude that gets to the point."
He chuckled before answering.

"I was talking bout food, for ya friend here.” He turned his attention back to Tatum. “And might I say, ya beauty outshines every female out her tonight, no bullshit." He took a pull of his blunt and simultaneously answered his cell phone. “Excuse me for a minute.”
While he did this, it gave the girls time to check him out in full view. Kim could hardly keep her mouth closed. The man was fine. His Audemir Piquet diamond watch and four karat diamond earring were his only accessories to his simple but sexy attire. He rocked a fresh white tee over crisp Evisu jeans and brand new Vasque Gortex boots. His dreads were neat but not pretty and his face was chiseled, sexy with a fresh edge up. But damn it was all about those lips, the way he licked them and those eyes. Those eyes pierced through Tatum's body and gave her the shivers. They looked cold but Tatum could see the warmth beneath them.

"I apologize ladies, I must dismiss myself, maybe we can take a rain check on that food Ms. Lady."
Tatum finally spoke. "I don't even know you."
He laughed at her weariness.

"It's just food Ms. Lady, not marriage." "Not yet." He added. Tatum couldn't help but crack a foot long smile exposing her perfect white teeth, which complimented her dark brown complexion. He didn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted her.
"That smile gonna be the death of a man. By the way, the name is Respect." (pronounced Ree-spect.)
"But that aint what your momma named you." Tatum shot.
"But it's what I demand." He shot back.
This guy didn't miss a beat, and Tatum enjoyed it. It took a confident, strong brother to even catch Tatum's attention, and he had it in full.

"Yo Ree!" A man standing next to a white Escalade truck shouted, then he pointed to his watch. Respect simply put his finger up and the man shut up and got in the passenger seat of the truck.
"Well my name's Tatum. That's what you pushing?" Tatum asked referring to the fly Escalade truck he had.
"Yeah why, you impressed?" He asked licking his lips. Just then Tatum's own Escalade rolled up and the valet hopped out and handed her the keys.
"Nah not really, I got it in black." She smirked, playing his game. He cracked a smile.
"Respect Ms. Lady. So may I have your phone number to call you up sometime?" He asked ever so politely. Tatum wanted to take him and rip him apart just off the strength that he was so sexy. And the fact that she hadn't had none in a year. "Let me get yours." She said handing him her phone. He took her phone and punched in his number. As he handed her the phone back, their fingers brushed against each other and they both looked into each other's eyes and knew they felt something. It was crazy. He said goodnight to the ladies and took one final look at Tatum. There was something so innocent, so special about her. She had that something that made a nigga want to take care of her. They locked eyes for one final moment and as he turned and walked away, he whispered one final "Reespect."

"Yo Ree, who was that?" His short fat comrade asked as Ree hopped in the driver's seat.

"Her name's Tatum, she's gorgeous right?"
"Hell yeah, shorty bad as hell. Why you aint take her home and blow her back out? You know how we do bitches!" Fatso asked as him and Deets, one of Ree's other soldiers, cracked up laughing.
"Not this one Fats, not this one." Ree answered, as he relit his blunt and drove off.