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Takerra @ Black and Nobel in Philly :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Lady
I want to let you know that I have enjoyed every book from Heaven's Hell to all Thicker than Water. Omg baby grl Restricted is off the hook I just know tht Respect & chauncey going to be in part two omg the Dupree faimly have to seek they revenge. Honey your books got me like a crackhead i need that next fix. I was waiting on TTW 4 but you came out with Restricted grl you blew my mind with all the twist you got going on. My Co-Workers & myself have started a book club we read all your books and baby let me tell you we all need your next book like crack lol. On a serious note when is Restricted 2 coming to stand near me lol I need that like a fat kid needs cake. Ms Allen I want to let you know im a big fan of your writing and I cant wait to read the next book. Please continue to keep your readers wanting more.

ren rho said...

Miss Takerra Allen, thank you for coming into my life! I first downloaded Thicker Than Water last week,while I was going through something quite similar to Sasha and Chauncey's predicament and it put alot of things into perspective for me. Since then, I have read your entire collection within that week and I don't want it to end there! I am a big fan and I love the way you write (the 'Lover's Prayer' scene was so beautiful I just don't know how you managed to put it in words) .Eagerly waiting for part 2 and can't wait until you tour the UK!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! MS. ALLEN!!!!! Your books are so good!! Im addicted every book you write!! THE FATHER has trul blessed you with creativity!!! Please keep sharing your gift with the world!!!